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Instant repair
Safe non-toxic
Easy to apply
Won't wash off


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Natural Green Grass Patch

Natural Green Grass Patch is a green grass repair colourant that offers an instant cure for unsightly brown spots and discolouration that exists on nearly every lawn. Whatever the cause (pet urine, disease, lack of water, insects, etc.) Natural Green Grass Patch is an easy to use guaranteed fix.

Just spray it on and instantly turn any brown grass or spots beautifully green again while blending perfectly with the rest of your natural grass. Our natural and non-toxic green grass repair colourant comes in a variety of sizes for homeowners and contractors.

The clean and easy spray bottle gives you the control to apply the correct amount of grass colourant to blend in the brown grass patches perfectly with the rest of your natural green grass.

  • Safe, biodegradable, non-toxic, non hazardous, safe for children and pets
  • Not a paint, once dried will not wash off during rain or lawn watering
  • Colourant penetrates dead plant material and colours it green instantly

Natural green grass patch is safe and non toxic

The grass is always greener with Natural Green Grass Patch.