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Natural Green Grass Patch customer testimonials

What Our Customers Say

Revived lawn - Excellent product - Fantastic product

Good value for money and covered the patch very good and match the lawn and I would order again when I run out

DOES WHAT IT CLAIMS TO DO. Always get excellent service. Excellent service -highly recommend! Fab item excellent service would buy again !!

Excellent delivery product does what it says on the bottle Would recommend Good product and very quick delivery.

The green colour lasts ages and my garden looks so much better. Item just as described. Works very well on dog urine grass burns. Very satisfied.

Really does the job, brilliant, at last my lawn looks in great shape amazing Best treatment I have seen on the market for treating the effects of dog urine.

Love this product, it's fantastic cannot believe it is not more readily available in the high street shops .... Thanks will be ordering more

This does what is says on the packet. We have 2 large poodles, and a smooth haired fox terrier, who occasionally have mishaps. this looks much better than brown patches!

A visiting dog caused havoc on a newly laid lawn, two weeks prior to a family wedding. Bald patches in all the wrong places. I was devastated. I was told of this product so with a little research found it and ordered it. By now it was urgent, but the suppliers dispatched it immediately. After the wedding, I confessed to the guests that I had painted the lawn! I was only when the looked more closely that they realised what i had done. Brilliant product for emergencies. Thank you

An excellent product that does excactly what you want it to do, we've tried many and the colour is always terrible but this is a very close match, we've got 2 dogs and with this and a bit of care and attention we manage to keep our lawn in pretty good condition, it usually lasts till the next cut which is all you can expect it to do, a great product that I am happy to spend my money on.

We have two dogs and were finding the lawn was covered in unsightly brown and bald patches, sprayed on the brown grass this product greatly increases the appearance of the lawn and seems to help prevent quite so much damage.

This product is amazing, I have told so many people about it, my grass looks brand new, even after heavy rain the spray has not washed away, I will be buying more, cannot tell enough people about it .......

Got the house on the market, so a brilliant product for disguising burnt patches of grass! The grass even seems to be growing underneath! I have tried many products to help cure the yellow URINE stains caused by by beautiful dog, including reseeding turf etc etc.......! Nothing works sadly, I also love my garden to look good, and I have spent a lot of money in trying to do so. So if you can't cure it COVER IT ! I am now on my second bottle of NGGP I find the match for the grass to be very good, dries quickly and LASTS a long time. The coverage is good and sprays easily.

This product is GREAT it won't cure the problem of URINE or BROWN GRASS but it does COVER it. HIGHLY RECCOMEND I tried "Natural Green Grass Patch" (NGGP here after) along with two other similar products, and NGGP is by far the best! It comes ready to use, it covers much better than the other products ...and it's the real grass colour. One other (cheaper) product covers also quite well, but it has a unnatural blue-green colour, so the darker repaired patches stick out. The third product does not adhere to the grass, it peels off. While "Natural Green Grass Patch" might be a bit more expensive, it's really worth its money!

We have two dogs and were finding the lawn was covered in unsightly brown and bald patches, sprayed on the brown grass this product greatly increases the appearance of the lawn and seems to help prevent quite so much damage

Excellent product...'did what it said on the tin' I have bought a second bottle. Keeps your grass looking green, very impresive, would recommend. I ordered this after finding it online.....must admit I was a bit sceptical but decided to give it a go as my lawn had hideous brown patches. Very simple to use and looks great, especially from the house. It is darkish green but a hundred percent better than the awful brown bare patches.

Great product and despite heavy rain still remained in place. Have given a couple of patches a top up, but overall I'm delighted with instant results. Used it to cover up all our doggies brown spots and it did just that. My neighbour who can see my lawn from her upstairs window was amazed 'where had all the brown spots gone' - thank you - a quick fix to an eyesore with the garden looking 100 times better!

My husband thought I was mad to try 'Grass Patch' but the results are good.Spray and wait.The product colours the grass straight away but the real improvement to the grass shows after about 2 weeks. It is very satisfying covering dog urine - bleached patches!