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Postage rates for the delivery of Natural Green Grass Patch are divided up into delivery zones.

Mainland UK - England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Mainland EU - Republic of Ireland and Continental EU Countries

World Zone 1 - America, South America, Africa, Middle East

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Natural Green Grass Patch FAQ

"I love my dog but not the pee burns on my lawn. the spray is amazing instant green again...brilliant. I have told all my friends about it, thanks again Grass Patch"

Lizzie from Hordle, Hampshire.

"No more unsightly brown polka dot patches on our lawn and thanks for the quick delivery!!"

Glynis and Paul, Romsey.

Grass Patch is mixed to provide the best blend for lawns but lawn colour variation does exist dependent on the type of grass, age, moisture levels and condition. Using our special fine mist application you can control the shade level but the formula may not provide an exact match to your grass, plant or shrub, however there will be a substantial improvement from the dead brown appearance to a natural green shade which blends with the greens of the lawn or plants.

What is it? The Natural Green Grass Patch is the instant cure for unsightly brown spots and discolouration that exists on nearly every lawn. Whatever the cause (pet urine, disease, drought, insects, etc.), Natural Green Grass Patch is a guaranteed fix. This specially formulated solution is safe biodegradable and non-toxic. For additional information please refer to the MSDS sheet.

How does it work? To conceal unsightly discolourations in grass, simply spray the solution about 30-40cm away from the desired surface, use short back and forth strokes until the area is covered.Repeat as required until the area is covered, allow the area to dry between applications. Immediately, the discoloured spot will be green again blending naturally with the rest of your healthy lawn. Do not spray with a single jet or stream like flow.

How long does it take? The results are immediate. Drying time is dependent on the climate, but typically takes 1-2 hours to initially dry but allow 3/4 hours where children and pets are using the lawn to avoid staining. Do not water for 24 hours after application.

How long does it last? Once dry, the solution will not wash away. Natural Green Grass Patch will withstand heavy rains, frequent watering, and foot traffic. Grass Patch lasts and withstands rain and sun but will eventually fade. Re-apply if necessary.

Is it safe? The Natural Green Grass Patch is safe and non-toxic. To remove the colour from hands or surfaces use a liquid soap, detergent or window cleaning solution and rinse thoroughly with water.

Who uses it? Or who benefits from it? Everyone, home owners, business owners, pet owners, photographers, wedding/party planners, landscapers, or anyone wanting to perfect their lawn. It makes a great and unique gift for the avid gardener!

How long does shipping take? Orders take 3-5 working days days for delivery. Please contact us for international orders.

Do I need to do anything to prepare the area where I plan to use the Grass Patch? Yes. For best results, the area to be treated should be mowed and raked clear of grass cuttings prior to applying the Natural Green Grass Patch.

Do I need to be concerned about weather conditions? Yes. Only use the Grass Patch on dry days with no rain or snow in the forecast. The product needs at least one hour initially to dry to prevent wasting time and money to re-apply.

Can the grass be damp or wet when I apply the Grass Patch? No. If dew is present in the early morning or it rained the night before, wait to begin application until at least noon or when you can push down on the ground and feel solid turf. If you apply the product on wet grass it will decrease your mixing ratio down to 1:20 to 1:25, which means the application will be extremely light in colour.

What should I use around the edges of the lawn? We recommend you use a paint shield or a piece a cardboard. This will help prevent the Grass Patch from staining the driveway, pavers, walkways or other plants. If the Grass Patch does spray onto unwanted areas, use a scrub brush with soap and water, and then spray with water.

Is it ready to use? Your flask is pre-mixed and ready to use for most UK lawns. Shake the bottle to ensure a good product mix.

When can people walk on the Grass Patch? Newly-coloured grass should be kept free of people and pets for at least four hours after application to avoid staining.