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Product Information


Natural Green Grass Patch is the instant cure for unpleasant brown grass/spots and discolouration that exists on nearly every lawn. Natural Green Grass Patch is easiest applied by spraying solution directly onto patches of brown or discoloured grass until desired shade of green is achieved.

Rye grass, being the most typical natural grass around the country, is what Natural Green Grass Patch is intended to match. For other types of grass, either lighter or darker coloured you can control the colour by the amount of sprays applied. The more sprays applied the darker it will appear.

Colour will last 10 to 20 weeks when applied in accordance with label. It will not rub or wash away once product is completely dry. Natural Green Grass Patch will withstand regular rainfall or garden watering.


Product coverage may vary with methods of application and density of grass but we expect up to 28 sq mtrs for one 946ml bottle subject to application.


For best results apply to dry grass. Typically dry in 1 to 3 hours. Do not overspray edging materials, masonry, concrete, or anything you do not want to stain. Product is most easily washed off with water immediately, before product dries. Scrub with water or standard household cleaner.

Stay off of the treated area until dry. Enjoy your perfectly green lawn!


The flask is HDPE material and the Grass Patch solution is non-toxic, biodegradable, non-hazardous. Dispose of the flask in accordance with your Local Authority guidelines.